132 203: Telstra residential faults. 137 663: BigPond enquiries. 133 933: BigPond tech support. 125 8880: Prepaid enquiries. 125 8888: Prepaid recharges. 125 8887: Prepaid activations. 132 000: Telstra Business enquiries. 132 999: Telstra Business faults. Before we decided to launch this initiative, we researched a number of potential customer .... - A location search for Perth State of Western Australia Australia AUS Oceania - Latitude: -31.9474 / Longitude: 115.8648 ... Location Lookup. ... To find the address, email and phone number of the ISP or the Organization that owns the NetRange in which the IP is located, use our Whois Lookup through which. Busselton. Bridgetown. Collie. Area code 08 98. Albany. Area code 08 99. Geraldton. Using our service benefits you by reducing uncertainty and providing a sense of self-confidence —now you can know the identities of your mystery callers. So whenever you need help, find it quickly by accessing the details of the caller via phone number lookup..

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